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"Real Estate in Columbus, Ohio with Logan Z. Bravard.... A buyer or seller needs to feel confident.  This current market is very fast paced and without the confidence of knowledge for buying or selling a home, and the best Realtor, you stand to be left in the pack....."  

                 -Logan Z. Bravard-Realtor/Listing agent Coldwell Banker King Thompson. 



Left in the pack for a seller looks like this.... Selling your home for less than you could have, selling your home in a time longer that it should have, not being prepared for the inspection process, not being prepared for the request to remedy period, not having good communication with your agent and the other parties involved (and they are... the buyer's agent, the inspectors=home/termite/radon/roof-chimney/structural, the lender, the appraiser, the title company, and being left in the pack in the worse possible way is not even selling the home at all.

Left in the pack for a buyer looks like this....Trying to buy a home without financing already in place, trying to buy a home without knowledge of the process, trying to buy a home with an agent who only cares about commission (not enough you- the client), trying to buy a home without knowing what you want, trying to buy a home without a good negotiator, trying to buy a home in a competitive market and missing out on home... after home... after home... to other buyers.  Some buyers have very small time windows for buying a home and must purchase quickly or not be able to buy at all.  

Hire the right agent in Columbus, Ohio Logan Z. Bravard and his team of agents at Coldwell Banker King Thompson and you will feel confident and not left behind in the pack.

To truly feel like the best buyer or seller you can in Columbus Ohio you need a trusted, proven, reliable, educational real estate agent and Logan Z. Bravard is that Real Estate Agent.  

As a Listing agent Logan Z. Bravard has shattered records for price per sq. ft. in the market of Clintonville, Ohio-43202.  111 W. Lakeview Ave. in Clintonville Ohio was on the market for the highest price per sq. ft. since June of 2016 in that neighborhood.  With Logan Bravard's strategic marketing plan, hard work, and great communication the home was under contract and off the market in 5 days.  Preparing the home for sale, following the recommendations from Logan, marketing with Logan, all will position you as a seller with confidence.  

In Pataskala, Ohio-43062, Logan Bravard listed a home that was #6 in highest price per sq. ft. out of 101 homes listed in the area since 2011.  With Logan's help, the seller had the home under contract and off the market in less than 10 days.  Logan Bravard's marketing strategy helped the home sell quickly because of he positioned the home to have a higher value.  

In the Blendon Park Condominiums subdivision (Columbus, Ohio-43230), Logan Bravard has had two listings in the past month.  Both homes were listed for the highest dollar per sq. ft. in that area for homes most similar.  Both homes were under contract and off the market in 2 days or less....  

The market is great for "MOST" sellers, this is true because of the lack of inventory.  But as a listing agent at Coldwell Banker King Thompson- Logan Bravard's results could show he is a valuable resource for educating you to be the best seller you could be.  If you were selling your home, would you want the agent who lists your home below the average dollar per sq. ft. in your area? Would you want the agent who lists your home to take longer than 30 days to sell it?  Worst of all, do you want the agent who lists your home to not even sell your home at all?  

NO, of course not, you want the best person available to sell your home and net you the most money for the sale of your home, right?  You want an agent who HAS PROVEN he can sell your home for record breaking dollars per sq. ft. in your area, right???

The choice is yours.  We look forward to your call to schedule a listing presentation with you.  We look forward to hearing you say you are choosing us to list your home.  We look forward to earning your trust and partnership. Partnering with Logan Bravard to sell your home, is a choice those who have already made, are benefiting from.  Be the next seller who is confident when they sell their home.  Be the next buyer who feels educated about buying a home. 

Visit www.buyorsellhomeswithlogan.com to learn more about Logan and how he can help you sell your home for top dollar and the fastest.  


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As an agent on the buyer's side.... I helped my clients save $2,000 by negotiating $2,000 off the listing price of their new condo in Canal Winchester, Ohio.  I helped my Client buyers get the Clintonville, Ohio home that was in high demand with multiple offers.  I helped my Investor Client win the bid for his property with multiple offers in Columbus, Ohio.  


Whether making you money as the seller or saving you money as the buyer, Logan Bravard's passion will be to be your supporter, educator, informer, and negotiator.  Logan Bravard Realtor with Coldwell Banker King Thompson will make you feel like the pro buyer or seller and looks forward to your call.  



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