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*** UPDATE***  fianl just listed lakeview


If you have sold a home in Clintonville, Ohio before, you already know it may not take long.  If you have sold a home in Clintonville, Ohio before you may know that it may sell for high dollars per square feet.  If you have bought a home in Clintonville, Ohio before you know it may have cost more than your parents thought it should. :)  If you have lived in Clintonville before you know why people want to own a piece of Clintonville.   

Not every home in Clintonville is an easy sell for top dollar and with very few days on the market.  Clintonville, Ohio homes are older and many are not updated still.  Clintonville has many great homes within walking distance to some of Columbus Ohio's coolest bars, restaurants, art galleries, parks and just fun things to do.  

If you have considered buying a home in Clintonville some things should be considered first.  Where in Clintonville do you want to live, or does it not matter, its Clintonville?  Who will be your real estate buyers agent?  Can you trust the home as a move in ready home?  What happens when the home has issues at the time of inspection and how will you handle it?  

Clintonville is awesome!  I used to live on Beechwold Blvd with my wife and we still miss living so close to so many things we enjoyed.  Clintonville is special and so are its people.  I understand why you would want to live in Clintonville more than most.  I also know that with a Clintonville home comes due diligence.  As a buyers agent and a Listing agent for Clintonville, Ohio.... I see the point of view from the buyer and the seller.  In life and in real estate in Clintonville, the goal is to cultivate "Win-Win" situations.  I can help you sell your home for more and make sure you are protected with support, solid facts, and patience.  I can help you buy a home in Clintonville and also help you with patience ( it is needed as a buyer in Clintonville) and support.  

If you are considering selling your home and moving so far away to a place like WORTHINGTON :).  I want to bring value to that process

If you are considering buying in Clintonville I would love to sit down with you and explain how I would provide you value in buying the home.

Please enjoy the pictures below and their stories..... 

list with logan lakeview 

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The home above is 111 W. Lakeview the Seller and I decided to list for the fun price of 234567.89!! Fun right?  Well, Clintonville is fun and to be a great Clintonville real estate agent you need to have some fun.    The home was listed and off the market in 5 days after receiving multiple offers.  When the home officially is closed on February 6th, 2017 I will update you with all the good news on where the price fell and how well the seller did.  


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